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Get ready to illuminate your home in style! Lighting is not just practical; it’s a fantastic way to showcase your personality and design flair. If you’re curious about the hottest lighting trends, read on for expert insights to light up your life!


First up, over-scaled chandeliers are taking center stage. Picture an awe-inspiring, multi-tiered chandelier making a grand statement in any space. Trust lighting designer Lindsey Adelman to create a dramatic impact with these enormous pieces. The trend of going big will continue to shine brightly beyond 2023.


Plaster lighting is all the rage and for a good reason! It’s natural charm and chalky white hue give off a clean and fresh vibe. From traditional to modern frames, plaster pieces effortlessly blend in various spaces, adding elegance to formal living rooms and charm to outdoor porches.


Get ready for a layered lighting revolution! In 2023, interiors will embrace multiple light sources, offering functionality and setting different moods within our homes. Bathrooms, in particular, will shine with various lighting layers, complemented by the allure of back-lit mirrors.


Pendant lighting is soaring high, and not just above kitchen islands! Expect to see more pendants gracing dining tables, and glass pendants are becoming a top choice for their translucent and airy appeal, effortlessly blending with any style.


Mixing and matching lighting styles and heights is on-trend. Embrace the beauty of blending floor lamps with table lamps, recessed lights, and sconces to add depth and dimension to your space.


Table lamps are having a moment, especially in the realm of custom designs. Let your creativity shine through with custom-painted lights, adding a touch of unique flair to your rooms.


But hold on! Lighting isn’t confined to indoor spaces only. The spotlight will also be on outdoor lighting in 2023. Create enchanting outdoor areas with multiple hanging lights that make your room feel magical.


Rattan and rope lighting are in vogue for a touch of natural elegance. These earthy materials, like rattan, rope, cane, and wicker, add a modern boho vibe to your bathrooms and kitchens.


Say hello to the era of LED lighting! Indirect lighting with integral LEDs is stealing the spotlight from traditional Edison bulbs, giving designers the flexibility to create beautiful and energy-efficient spaces.


With these lighting trends, your home will shine brighter than ever in 2023. So let your creativity guide you and light up your life in style!

Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash