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1630 Hancock Street

Quincy, MA 02169

Transformative Mixed-use Development with QCZD-15 in Quincy Center


32,506 Sqft




9,749 sqft



Home of the former Colman’s Sporting Goods and currently occupied by Good Health Natural Foods, 1630 Hancock Street (“Colman’s”) is well-positioned to take advantage of the ongoing real estate development boom that is changing the face of Quincy.

A 9,749 square foot building on a 32,506 sq ft sloped piece of land with curb cuts on both Hancock and Mechanic Street, the Colman’s parcel is perfectly suited for redevelopment on its own or as part of a larger assemblage of the block. The parcel sits at the Southern end, and the highest point, of what is known as the Quincy Center District.

The rezoning of the area that includes Colman’s signals Quincy’s strong desire for exciting new development. QCZD-15 is the most generous zoning designation in terms of use, height, and density in the City. Potential developers are working with a clean slate, unlimited in their aspirations whether they are Bio-Tech/Med, residential, retail/entertainment, or any mix thereof. It is easy to envision underground/structured parking to support future rises. The City has consistently supported private development in this zone’s public investments, including parking structures and other infrastructure.

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